Master Shangshi


Master Shangshi is the lineage holder of the ancient Tibetan Dzogchen tradition Yamdi. He has wide knowledge in many Buddhist traditions, Daoism and Christian mysticism. From an inner urge to freedom, he practiced Qigong, old alchemical and Daoist practices, and KungFu for many years. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the I Ging and the Feng Shui. But nowhere he did find an absolute solution to all his problems, nowhere he found the absolute freedom. Until he met his master in the mountains of Sichuan, the lineage holder of the old Dzogchen tradition. He became his pupil, and after completing his way, his teacher him made him to be the holder of this tradition.
Since then, Master Shangshi teaches the way to ‘awakening into the reality of being’ – he calls is `The Way of Living Dao´. He teaches this way vividly and far from any religion. For him this experience of ‘awakening to absolute freedom’ is the core of all mystical paths in this world.


Andrea Thiele


Andrea is a long-time student of Master Shangshi. She works as an book authorin Hamburg. After studying art history and german language, she kept asking, why we are here, what sense lives makes. All those questions leaded her to Qigong and meditation and ultimatly to Master Shangshi and his way of Living Dao.


David Libor


David takes care of the CD’s and DVD’s in the Dao-Verlag, all audio recordings of the seminars. David found over yoga and meditation to master Shangshi. He attended many courses in Chinese nutritional and herbal medicine. David is a long-time student of Master Shangshi and lives in Hamburg.



Weihua Dohnke

Weihua Dohnke translates the Chinese texts of Master Shangshi’s into German and works as a translator at his seminars. She brought Master Shangshi to Germany. Dr. Weihua Dohnke is a TCM doctor in Hamburg. She teaches TCM all over Germany, she is specialized in Chinese herbalism, acupuncture and TCM nutrition.



Aneta Stroh


Aneta, a native Polin, currently living in Belgium, has studied history and psychology. She makes the translations into English at Dao-Verlag. Aneta has been going the way of Master Shangshi for many years.