Audio recordings of the Dao seminars

Who participated in the seminars of Master Shangshi, can order audio recordings of the respective courses.
For non-participants or for the entry into the “Living Dao” by Master Shangshi, we can recommend the following CDs (audio recordings of two basic seminars by Master Shangshi / Chinese with German translation – no english translation).


Strengthen the power in the heart

How can we discover the true being within us? How can we find our buddha nature? In this course, Master Shangshi shows the difference between a life in the ego and a life out of our true nature, out of dao. He explains how the ego emerges and manifests itself in our three centers and how we can overcome patterns and blockages of our ego and experience true being (35.00 €). Order CD


Dao, ego and the power of mantras

Mantras can help us overcome the borders of our ego, our ego structure, and experience our true being. What effects do the different mantras have? How can we use the mantras? What understanding is important? These and other questions are clarified by Master Shangshi in this course. Together, the students learn to speak the mantras (35.00 €). Order CD